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Prepare the No-hassle Phyllo Prawns and Avocado Mash!

One of the most common, no-hassle dishes you can enjoy any time of the year is the Phyllo prawns and avocado mash. Easy to make, healthy and balanced, enjoy this dish alone or with other additions of your choice.


  • 6 (sheets) phyllo pastry
  • cooking-oil spray
  • 1/4 cup (60g) light sour cream
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice
  • One tablespoon of water
  • One tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • One medium piece (250g) avocado, chopped coarsely
  • 150-gram grape tomatoes, quartered
  • 18 cooked medium king prawns (shrimp) (810g), shelled, deveined
  • 1 (180g) lettuce, shredded finely

Cooking Preparation

  1. A 200°C oven is to be used. Lightly grease two Texas muffin tins with six holes.
  2. Arrange three pastry sheets in a layer, misting each with oil as you go. Repeat in a different stack with the remaining three pages.
  3. Divide each stack of pastries into eight equal squares. Gently press squares into eight of the prepared pans’ holes. Push the remaining squares gently while rotating them slightly to create a star shape. Bake until golden for 8 to 10 minutes. Cool a little.
  4. Crab meat, prawns, avocado, mango, chili sauce, onion, coriander, and lime juice should all be combined in a big bowl. Pour the mixture into the cups. Serve right away, or add the garnish of your choice.

Tip: While phyllo cups are the most common way to enjoy this dish, you can try other ingredients too. Instead of using phyllo pastry, you may alternatively make similar casings using soft tortillas. Spray with oil, then push into the muffin tins holes. You can prepare these cases ahead of time, but wait to fill them until you’re ready to eat, or they’ll become soggy.

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Introduce a Dramatic Twist With Spicy Sprout and Prawn Fried Rice Recipe

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The recipe we are preparing today is a dish that comes with a twist. The cherry on the cake factor is that it’s sprout season! This is a terrific way to use up any sprouts on hand. It’s a dish that’s simple, fast, and adaptable. Buy prawns online to have them delivered to your doorstep to make this quick recipe without any hassle.


  • 350gm raw peeled king prawns
  • 400gm Brussels sprouts, trimmed and thinly sliced
  • 500gm microwavable basmati rice
  • 100gm bunch spring onions, trimmed and thinly sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoon groundnut oil
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges to serve
  • 30gm pack fresh coriander, roughly chopped
  • 50gm peanuts, toasted and roughly chopped

For the Glaze 

  • 3 tablespoon reduced-salt soy sauce
  • ½-1 teaspoon crushed chilies, to taste
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1½ tablespoon sesame oil


  1. Preheat a big, heavy frying pan over medium heat to begin with. Next, add 1 tablespoon of oil and cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring periodically, until the sprouts are soft and browned in spots but still bright green. Then put everything on a platter and put it away.
  2. Next, add 1 tablespoon of oil and the garlic to the pan. Cook it while stirring for 1-2 minutes or until aromatic. Then add the spring onions and the Best fresh shrimps in India and cook for 3 minutes, or until the prawns are opaque all the way through. Then, put everything on the platter with the sprouts.
  3. Follow the package directions for cooking the rice. Next, increase the heat to a high flame and add the glaze ingredients to the pan. Cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until the sauce has thickened. Then add the rice, prawns, and sprout combination to the pan and heat them until scalding hot, constantly stirring to coat the rice with the glaze. Serve hot with lime wedges on the side, peanuts, and coriander on top.

Try this prawn stir-fry at home by buying the Best fresh shrimps in India. This dish is incredibly splendid for a quick meal that uses seasonal sprouts. The nutty, sweet flavor of sprouts complements the soy and sesame glaze in this superfast meal idea perfectly. So, without wasting any time, buy prawns online to make this dish for your family for a nice dinner.

Indian Sweet and Spicy Prawn Patia Recipe that will Melt in your Mouth

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To make the tastiest Indian prawn Patia, you need the best shrimps in India that you can find, and for that, you can either visit your local market or buy the best prawns online. Best fresh shrimps in India are not that hard to find, and there are many ways that you can choose to do that. However, we recommend that for making your prawn Patia recipe more enriching, you should buy the best prawns online.

Let’s have a look at the recipe!

It is one of the most mouth-watering Indian delicacies that you can make, and so below are the steps that you can easily follow for making your version of the same recipe quite efficiently:

  1. Heat some oil inside a large-sized skillet over medium to high heat until the shrimps start to shimmer, and then delicately put the curry leaves and move away from the oven as they start popping gradually.
  2. Stir for a few seconds and then add some chopped onions and keep stirring until the onions have become slightly brown in colour.
  3. Next step is to add some spiciness to the dish, and for that, add some green chilies per your spice tolerance level and keep stirring for a minute.
  4. Mix some tomato puree and continue stirring until you can see the oil separating from the mix of onion and tomato.
  5. Now, mix the spices, such as cumin, with red chili, turmeric, and ginger-garlic paste. Ensure to continue the stirring so that the spices do not stick to the bottom of the pot.
  6. After that, add some sweetness. For that, you can use either sugar or jaggery and some vinegar, and a hint of water. Cook until the rawness of the tomato does not disappear, which will be for mostly 5 minutes.
  7. For seasoning, add some salt, and finally, add the prawns. However, do not forget to add the best shrimp in India to give the dish an even better taste.
  8. Cook the prawns for a minute and then turn off the heat.
  9. Continue to keep cooking even after the heat is off and keep stirring from time to time until the seafood is aptly cooked, which will take about 4 minutes. On a side note, if you find it challenging to get the best ones in the market, buy the best prawns online.
  10. Lastly, for garnishing, add some fresh leaves of coriander and serve hot with daal and rice.

This wholesome dish has an Indian masala punch that serves well to your foodie-buds and is at its best when bought from the nearby stores or buy the best prawns online from Big Basket.