Ready to cook Bengali style Spinach, Pumpkin, and Prawn curry

We have tried various curries with vegetables or fish only. In this exotic Bengali dish, you will get both vegetables and fish on one platter. Isn’t it different? Don’t you want to try out this recipe? I am pretty sure you are dying to know about it. The recipe for this delicacy is quite simple. It will take around 20 minutes to prepare this curry. Just keep these points in mind before trying your hand in cooking this dish. Firstly, pick up the prawns from the best seafood exporters. So, you will be able to get the best quality ones for your dish. Now let`s move to the recipe of spinach, pumpkin, and prawn curry.

Know Your Ingredients:

You have to collect all the ingredients before preparing this meal for lunch. Here they are as follows

1.         Prawns—you can choose entirely cleaned ones from the shrimp export company in India.

2.         Onion

3.         Mustard oil

4.         Crushed Garlic cloves

5.         Grated ginger

6.         Potatoes

7.         Baby spinach leaves

8.         Salt

9.         Sugar

10.      Pumpkin

11.     Turmeric powder

12.     Bay leaves

13.     Cumin seeds

14.     Cumin powder

Method of Instruction:

Now you learn the steps through which you will be able to reach the goal of becoming excellent in cooking.

  1. At first, the shrimp, which you have taken from the processor and exporter of seafood in India, needs a coating with turmeric powder into a bowl. Keep the bowl aside for few minutes.
  2.  After that, you have to peel out the covers of pumpkin and potatoes and cut them into cubes. You have to keep them in separate bowls.
  3. You have to cut the spinach leaves properly and clean them very carefully with clean water.
  4. In a bowl, you have to mix cumin powder, turmeric powder, and red chili powder in a small bowl. Hot water should be added to the mixture. The spices need to be used in small quantities as they will not overpower the flavors of the prawns.
  5. After separating the water from prawns, you need to add them to the heated pan with oil. To avoid chewy, you need to prevent over-frying.
  6. In the same oil, add the slices of pumpkin for frying. Keep it aside.
  7. Now, you have to add spinach leaves and a pinch of turmeric powder for boiling. The boiled leaves have to be kept aside now.
  8. Bay leaves, dry red chilies, and cumin seeds will be tempered into the oil. Potatoes have to be fried along with the spices. After adding the potatoes, you have to cover the pan for four minutes.
  9. The paste of cumin powder, turmeric powder, and red chili powder, which you have prepared earlier, should be added to the pan.
  10. A pinch of salt and sugar will be added to the pan for tasting.
  11. You have to sauté the spices until their raw smell is gone.
  12. When spices dry out, you have to add a splash of water and continue frying.
  13. Now, you can add pumpkin and shrimps and sauté with spices for two minutes.
  14. After splitting the green chilies, you have to cover the pan and rest for three minutes after turning off the heat.

You will be able to eat the whole bowl of rice with spinach, pumpkin, and prawn curry that can be assured wholeheartedly. The shrimps will taste yummier and be healthy if you approach the shrimp export company India with the flavors of the prawns. This exotic Asian meal can be prepared at lunch which will bring happiness to your family.

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