Quickly Cook the Delicious Japanese Pasta with Shrimp and Asparagus

Looking for some easy-to-make yet tasty continental recipes? Give this delicious pasta recipe a try.  

Japanese pasta is easy to prepare and is ideal for a sumptuous dinner. Welcome, spring, with the freshness of its vegetables and their fascinating flavors. Processor & Exporter of Seafood in India has made it possible to enjoy the continental delicacies at the comfort of home. 

So what are the Ingredients?

  • Pasta
  • Shrimp
  • Asparagus
  • Red onion
  • Garlic
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • Dried red chili pepper
  • Unsalted butter
  • Olive oil
  • Special Japanese chicken broth

For people who are allergic to gluten, gluten-free pasta is also available, which tastes exactly the same minus the trouble. Choose your items from a wide range of fresh seafood offered by prawns export Indian. Other than asparagus, people can also opt for alternate spring veggies such as peas, spinach, cabbage, etc. It will enhance the taste and make the tasty snacks healthy.

Now let’s have a Glance at the Procedure:

  • Before you begin, it is advisable to keep all ingredients ready at hand. 
  • Take 8-ounce gluten-free pasta will which be ideal for 2 people. 
  • Cook the pasta in a boiling water pot with two tbsp of salt, as per the instruction in the package. 
  • Drain the water and keep the boiled pasta aside to later use.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables for cooking. 
  • The 1/4th red onion and 2 garlic cloves need to be finely chopped. While the 6-ounce asparagus stalks and spears need to be separated diagonally. 
  • Asparagus typically require more time to cook. Thus, the chef needs to sauté them more than other vegetables. 
  • Now it is time to prepare the shrimps for the dish. Even the ones from the best shrimp providers need to be peeled and deveined aptly. For this recipe, 10 shrimps will be enough. 
  • For the next step, the cleaned shrimps need to be marinated with sea salt and black pepper.  
  • Next, the chef needs to one tbsp olive oil in a frying pan. Once the oil is heated, add the shrimps and fry for 2 to 3 minutes in medium heat until they turn light brown in color. 
  • When both the sides of the shrimps are well cooked, they need to be set aside for later use. 
  • Now, put 2 tbsp butter into the frying pan, and after swirling a little in low heat, add the onion and chopped garlic and sauté for some time. Increasing the heat to medium, add asparagus stalks and sauté for at least 3 minutes. 
  • Add the fried shrimps and chicken broth back to the pan and fry in increased heat. 
  • Pour soy sauce as per taste.
  • Finally, add the cooked pasta and mix well with other ingredients. 
  • If anyone prefers spicy pasta, they may garnish the dish with black pepper and chili paper flakes. 

This easy-to-make dish can be prepared within 30 minutes only! Making tasty continental treats at home is now easier than ever with the help of the shrimp exporters 

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