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Things You May Want to Demystify about Shrimp Processing in India

By contributing about 6.3% of the aquaculture production in the world, India has ranked after China in regards to the processing and exporting shrimps. The fishery industry of India is rapidly proliferating, and today its value has become a whopping 15 billion dollars. There is no denying the fact that India has emerged as a high-value contributor and one of the major enablers of diversified Indian agriculture. The shrimp industry of India is deemed as a highly substantial foreign exchange earner, mainly because over the past few years it has successfully accounted for 2% of India’s total export earnings. Recently, the shrimp and prawn exporters in India have reached a staggering hike with a whopping export value of almost 6 billion dollars courtesy the soaring demand for shrimps in the global market.

The popularity of Indian seafood, especially the frozen shrimps, has always been sky-high in the United States, countries of South East Asia, and the European Union. The ever-growing popularity of Indian shrimps in the international market has added to the success of shrimp processing and exporting industry of India. Owing to its incredibly huge marine wealth, India has obtained a very strong position in the international trade of fisheries. If you are looking to figure out the key reasons why the shrimp and prawn exporters in India have garnered such incredible success, then you may look into the following write-up without squandering any time –

  • Expansive marine wealth

According to the best shrimps and prawn exportersIndia boasts of varied and abundant resources both in the inland, as well as, marine industry. This has resultantly fueled the proliferation and expansion of aquaculture business in India. The country takes pride in possessing a long coastline of about 8,129 km in addition to the expansive inland water resources. This is the reason why the country proffers an amazing scope for the rapid growth of marine wealth.

  • Production of Vannamei Shrimps

Given the worldwide commercialization of Vannamei or white leg Shrimps, India has forayed into the processing and exporting of this species since the past few years now. In the past, owing to the production and export of Black Tiger, one of the dominant farmed shrimps in India, the best shrimp and prawn exporters of the country had garnered oodles of accolades from all around the globe. However, the soaring popularity of Vannamei shrimps could be attributed to the favorable characteristics of their massive commercial production in the forms of their adaptability to production environ, higher growth rate, disease resistance capacity, the convenience of breeding, and higher popularity in the international market. Acknowledging this fact, Indian shrimp processors have begun to process and export a large number of Vannamei shrimps over the past few years.

  • The Prosperous Indian Aquaculture

The swiftly growing business volume of shrimps in India has propelled the large and medium players to establish seafood production units, cold storage chains and manufacturing facilities to partake in the proliferation of seafood export industry. Today, India possesses a whopping 20,255 million tonnes of production capacity with almost 506 processing plants, where southern regions of India, had manifested the highest processing capacity followed by the western regions. Almost 60% of all the shrimp processing plants in India have acquired approval from the European Union, which as a result has facilitated the processors and exporters of seafood in India.

  • In a Nutshell

The Indian seafood exporters have reportedly registered a very high volume with a yearly growth of about 20%. The production of Vannamei shrimps, sustained measures to ensure quality, diversification of aquaculture species, and rapid growth in infrastructure facilities for the production of different value-added products are some key factors, which have unanimously contributed to the worldwide popularity of Indian shrimp and prawn processing and exporting industry.

However, the increasing dependence on the US shrimp processing industry may remain a prime concern, but the leading processors and exporters of seafood in India are hell-bent on growing exponentially given the liberalized FDI policy, increasing export demand, favorably growing environment, et all.



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